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/* I am a girl named Daisy. I don't have a boyfriend. */
Girl i = new Girl("Daisy");
Boy u = null;

/* These are festivals that matter to college students:
   Valentine's Day, Qixi, Singles' Day, Christmas Eve, 
   New Year's Eve */
Festival festivals[] = {...};

/* When I am single... */
while (u == null) { 
    // I pretend to ignore these days 
    for (Festival x : festivals) {
    i.watchMovies(); // I watched 400 movies...
    i.cook();        // I made cupcakes and milk tea...;      // I traveled on 3 continents
    // I push myself to grow during hard days
    // But I am still waiting for the special one
    // For I believe some day God will let u show up
    u = God.assignFor(i);   
/* If we met and happened to like each other */
if ( && {   
    // We'd watch bad movies together and laugh hard    
    // I'd cook your favorites
    // We'd travel all around the world
    // We'd grow older and wiser together
    // We'd love spending each festival together ever since
    for (Festival x : festivals) {
        i.enjoyFestivalWith(x, u);

I have been waiting for you for
Looking forward to seeing you.
- daisygao